About us

Black Businesses Matter 

Our mission is to increase the sales of black-owned business. Therefore, the Black Businesses Matter team has developed a sustainable e-commerce platform, that will seamlessly allow conscious consumers and business owners to locate and purchase black-owned services and products directly from their phones.

Why is this important?

The black community spends 1.3 trillion dollars a year as consumers and black businesses see only 2% of these receipts. In white communities, each dollar is spent with 8-12 white businesses before it leaves the community after circulating for an average of 17 days, whereas, in the black community, the dollar only stays 6 hours and never circulates past the first owner. A stronger economic voice needs to be established within the black community.

Additionally, black people have disproportionately supported other races and there needs to be equitable distribution of financial support. We need to transform our mentality when it comes to spending. Black people need to support their own community more and the white community, along with other races, need to support the black community as well.

Mobile App & Website

In today’s world, cell phones are as important as breathing to many of us.  We cannot go anywhere without our cellphones.  Smart phones allow you to do virtually anything from the palm of your hand. Our mobile application is the well-oiled vehicle to redirect the 1.3 trillion dollars we spend as consumers, back to our community.  To ensure efficacy and efficiency, financial capital is needed if we are to compete with top-tier companies.


Building an effective e-commerce mobile application/website takes an immense amount of maintenance.  Safely managing the financial data is an arduous and tedious task. Providing a stellar and safe experience for users and business owners is of utmost importance.  Capable personnel who warrant financial compensation must manage the functionality of the platform.


The Black Businesses Matter campaign is a movement that must spread like wildfire if we are to create an economic voice for the black community.  We want to infect our community with this transformative mentality of supporting our own first. Traveling from state to state galvanizing the community and highlighting the short and long-term benefits of supporting black-owned businesses is pivotal to our success. We also plan to facilitate partnerships while identifying and partnering with like-minded organizations and communities across the country.


Creating awareness through marketing and advertising our mobile application and national campaign is imperative. Promotional apparel is an integral part of the movement. Touching every man, woman, and child by leaving them with a piece of the movement such as t-shirts, hats, coats, book bags, school supplies and other daily usage apparel will aid in this transformative mentality. Raising consciousness and awareness to build our community brick by brick by supporting each other is going to require a lifestyle and cultural shift toward branding.  Labeling black businesses as the only place to invest your money will have a direct impact in transforming the community. Illustrating our purchasing power and the effects we have on our own community with our dollar needs to be as omnipresent as possible.


Transforming our mentality is going to take a Herculean effort.  We are counting on like-minded individuals to pool our resources together.  We can’t accomplish our goal without financial and social capital.  We are committed to impacting our community with the spoils of our success.